Assalam everyone !

I had been along time ago that I didn't update anything. Neither the blog(sebab dahlama tak main coding and dah lupa hehe) nor the entry(forgot tht I've blog). But today, here I am, sincerely want to update something that I hope it will be useful for everyone especially for those who want to search a few tips how to improve their English :) Sebenarnya entry ni lebih pada nak kongsi pengalaman how I improve my engish especially before sitting SPM last year. Eventho I just got B+ for my BI in SPM (which I really regret bcs this is my target subject to get A), but I think that it just only an alphabet and I need to redha and grateful for wht I hve done. Maybe I still lacking somewhere and Allah want me to study and struggle even more for this language and the most important is I need to strong & don't give up. So here we go !

The truth is, I had a really bad expectation toward this language since primary school bcs for me (as anak cikgu BAHASA) why we need to learn and use others language if we still have our own language ? Why taknak follow macam negara Asia such as Japan, Korean, China which more prefer use their own language ? And the word of WHY really haunting me everytime I need to learn English. It was not my teachers fault because they does do the best to make their pupil understand and love this language. And this is not my parents problem sebab derang lagi galakkan untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris. But the problem started with myself. Badly, my expectation continuously till secondary school till one stage that I never focused in class and keep playing or sleeping or daydreaming everytime especially in English class. Subjek lain takde plak macamtu, sorry teachers ! When I turned 16, everything was changed ! I got the answers which can make me satisfied for all my WHY and slowly I started to love this language so much and realise how I need to study hard to catch up.

I started my small step with reading and fixed my pronoun. Ppl keep laughing on me especially when I pronounce heart as hurt and many more but hey guys who care ? Yes in this step I keep falling, I used to cried a lot and give up but how we keep going is the matter. I know that this is my fault and I need to redeem back. If I want, I need to get no matter how hurt it is. Since I love poems, I keep reading the poems loudly (not really loud just enough when my pairs of ear can hear). I used to follow poem's instagram or searched at google. I prefer this way because I am not really good with english book(and I didn't have even one) ^^' When I started this way, I've got so many new words and understand how to make the sentences. Slowly which it was a really slow , I understand where we need to use he, she, her, him, son, daughter, pupil, people and many more. Plus I had asked my teachers or my friends who really good in this language if I curious over something like the different between starving and craving, whom and who and many more.

When I had fixed my basic problem, I started to challenge myself to write or speak in english at least once everyday. I dare myself to wrote my instagram's caption in english and speaking with my fmily & teachers. I keep doing a lot of mistakes but that's all my starting point for me to fix my problems. I used to wrote/spoke with short sentences in the beginning. Yes, before I forget, I love to singing english song with the lyric. I mean everytime I hear english song, I will search the lyric and try to sing along. Eventho I still can't remember any song but at least I still can follow the song with the lyric. I want recommend JOOX application for those who are like me which this application have lyric when you play the song. Or just use the youtube, just type the tittle and lyric and TARAAA you can fix your pronaunce with this fun way.

Honestly, I still make a lot of mistakes in this entry. I am pretty sure if I send this entry to my teacher she will correcting me from start till last ^^' but I really want and I am happy to share to ppl how I improving my broken english. From I didn't know to make a different between the nephew and niece or where I can use is and where I can use are & now at least I can type this long-entry-in-english ( even rojak sikit but sorry not sorry tau I am still begginer :D) Lastly, I prefer to use dictionary instead of google translate. I don't know why xD maybe I am such the old-school type person kot ?

By the way jangan pernah malu nak belajar semula. Biarlah orang nak cakap apa sekalipon at least we have try something to improving our life kan ? Keep proud with yourself :) Now, I am keep focus in fixing my speaking and I hope you guys enjoy with my entry. Wish me luck ! ^^

P/s: Sorry for all of my mistakes and yes this is my personal tips. You guys freely can take it or just read it. Thanks for reading and applause for myself ^^